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The Chemical Education Journal (CEJ), Vol. 13, No. 1 (Serial No. 24). The date of issue: December 29, 2009.


Asian version in English.
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Special Issue featuring the 3rd NICE(Network for Inter-Asian Chemistry Educators) Symposium 2009 (29-30 July, Tokyo)

  1. [Students' conceptions and conceptual change] Development of a lesson model in chemistry through gSpecial Emphasis on Imagination leading to Creationh (SEIC) by OGAWA Haruo1,*, FUJII Hiroki2, and SUMIDA Manabu3 (1 Tokyo Gakugei University, 2 Prefectural University of Hiroshima, 3 Ehime University)
  2. [Students' conceptions and conceptual change] Calculation of potential energy in the reaction of gI + H2 ¨ HI + Hh, and its visualization by IKUO Akira*, NAGASHIMA Hiroshi, YOSHINAGA Yusuke, and OGAWA Haruo (Tokyo Gakugei University)
  3. [Chemistry in daily life, Attitude toward chemistry] Chemical Literacy and Learning Sources of Non-Science Major Undergraduates on Understandings of Environmental Issues by Show-Yu, Lin (Aletheia University)
  4. [Lab activities] Thermochemical Approaches to Neutralization Reactions between Weak Acid and Strong Base by MISHIMA Saki, MAETA Satoshi, TATSUOKA Tomoyuki, KOGA Nobuyoshi*, and FURUKAWA Yoshihiro (Hiroshima University)
  5. [Lab activities] Development of experimental program for acquisition of equilibrium concept: from a standpoint of energy concept by IKUO Akira*, ICHIKAWA Maki, YOSHINAGA Yusuke, and OGAWA Haruo (Tokyo Gakugei University)
  6. [Lab activities] Electrolysis with coin-shaped Li-MnO2 battery as a student experiment by HIRAMATSU Shigeki (KEIO Shonan Fujisawa Jr. & Sr. High School)
  7. [Instructional strategies, Use of audio-visual instruments in classes] A Lesson Model Fostering Fine Ideas in Chemistry Concerning Bio-diesel on the Basis of "Education for Sustainable Development": Potentialities for Collaboration with Social Study by HIRAMATSU Atsushi1,*, TAKABAYASHI Kenji2, UTSUMI Ryoichi1, FUJII Hiroki3, and OGAWA Haruo4 (1 Hiroshima University High School, 2 Hiroshima Prefectural Itsukaichi High School, 3 Prefectural University of Hiroshima,4 Tokyo Gakugei University)
  8. [Instructional strategies, Use of audio-visual instruments in classes] Promotion of Student's Abilities in Proper Judgement on the Topic of Bio-energy: Development of Lesson Model in Chemical Education by FUJII Hiroki1,*, OGAWA Haruo2, UTSUMI Ryoichi3, and HIRAMATSU Atsushi3 (1 Prefectural University of Hiroshima, 2 Tokyo Gakugei University, 3 High School attached to Hiroshima University)
  9. [Lab activities] How Thick is the Laminated Aluminum Foil of Flexible Food Packages and How Many Atomic Layers are There? Studentsf Quantitative Problem Solving through Complexometric Titration Experiments by Shui-Ping Yang* and Chung-Chia Li (National Changhua University of Education)
  10. [Lab activities] A Convenient Measurement of Oxygen Concentration using Zinc Air Battery by TANAKA Yuu and KOGA Nobuyoshi* (Hiroshima University)
  11. [Lab activities] Phenolphthalein as Organic Teaching Materials: Small-scale Preparation and Modeling for Some Functional Dyes by AMIMOTO Kiichi* and KOGA Nobuyoshi (Hiroshima University)


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