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The Chemical Education Journal (CEJ), Vol. 18 (Serial No. 33). The date of issue: March 1, 2017, Provisional Release: August 26, 2016.


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  1. [Teaching material for college/university organic chemistry (practical)] A Simple Case Study for the Introduction of the HMBC and the EI-MS Techniques to Second and Third Year Undergraduate Students by Esther H. S. Woo1, Mackenzie J. Field1, Mathew L. Sutherland1, Chloe A. N. Gerak2* and Nabyl Merbouh1* (1Simon Fraser University, 2University of British Columbia, Canada)
  2. [Teaching material for college/university organic and carbohydrate chemistry] Camphor and its Industrial Synthesis by Dmitry Ponomarev*1 and Howard Mettee2 (1St. Petersburg Forest Technical University, Russia, 2Youngstown State University, Ohio, U. S. A.) (pdf)
  3. [University/graduate organic and carbohydrate chemistry] New Designed Monosaccharide's Epimeric Diagram (Chart) Using Monosaccharide's Barcode by Noroozi Pesyan Nader, Rahbari Jalaladdin, Elahirad Saeed, and Rashidnejad Hamid (Urmia University, Iran) (pdf)


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