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The Chemical Education Journal (CEJ), Vol. 8, No. 1 (Serial No. 14). The date of issue: September 30, 2004.



  1. [Graphic Page] "Framboidal Pyrite" by Takanobu OBA (Joetsu University of Education)

  2. [Chemical Education] The teaching materials of "the character of aqueous solution and neutralization" for science education of junior high school students by Akira YOSHIDA (Faculty of Education, University of the Ryukyus)
  3. [Chemical Education] Automatic Services of Calculated Data and Preparation of Solutions by Using Internet - Acetic Acid Aqueous Solution, Hydrochloric Acid, Ammonia Water, and Sodium Hydroxide Aqueous Solution - by Minoru ASHIDA*, Hiromi MUTAI, and Mayumi IGARASHI (Faculty of Education, Saitama University)
  4. [Chemical Education] Automatic Services of Regression Analysis and Drawing by Using Internet - Java Applet Type File - by Minoru ASHIDA*, Mayumi IGARASHI, Toshiyuki TAGUCHI, and Hiromi MUTAI (Faculty of Education, Saitama University)
  5. [Practical Learning] Promotion of Experimental Problem-solving Skills based on Unknown Chemicals Exploration Experiment by Jhy-Ming Horng and Hsiao-Hsin Tsai (National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, China)
  6. [Practical Learning] Meeting General Chemistry Laboratory Goals at a Comprehensive University with Web Based Tools by Scott E. McKay*, Steven R. Boone, and Robert W. Lashlee III ( Central Missouri State University, U. S. A.)
  7. [e-Learning] Computer-Assisted Instruction in Chemical Education in the Asian/Pacific Region by Subramaniam Sotheeswaran (University of the South Pacific, Fiji) and Deepa Gaschik (Taunusstein-Wehen, Germany)


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