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The Chemical Education Journal (CEJ), Vol. 9, No. 2 (Serial No. 17). The date of issue: January 30, 2007.


  1. [Foreword] Summary of Challenges of Teaching Chemistry in the Twenty-First Century by Hyun-Ju Park (Chosun University, South Korea)
  2. [Graphic Page] Photoes for the 11th ACC Symposium on CHemical Education

Special Issue featuring the 11th ACC Symposium "Challenges of Teaching Chemistry in 21st Century"

  1. [Review] Chemical Education at the 11th Asian Chemical Congress by Jerence Nansel Oleap Fernando (The Open University of Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka)
  2. [Teaching and Learning] Is it molecules? Again! A review of students' learning about particle theory by Helen Meyer (University of Cincinnati, U. S. A.)
  3. [Textbook Inscriptions] The various functions of inscriptions in Korean textbooks by JaeYoung Han (Chungbuk National University, South Korea)
  4. [Teaching and Learnig] A case study about teacher's pedagogical content knowledge influencing in students' mental models in acids and bases by Jing-Wen Lin and Mei-Hung Chiu (National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan)


  1. [Teaching Materials] Less is more! In Teaching Chemistry, All You Need is One Drop! by Muhamad Hugerat (The Academic Arab College for Education in Israel - Haifa, Islael)
  2. [Teaching Materials on the Web] Automatic Services of Calculating Data and for the Preparation of Solutions by Using Internet - Nitric Acid Aqueous Solution and Sulfuric Acid Aqueous Solution - by Minoru Ashida*, Makoto Shishido, Nobutaka Okajima, Elizabeth S. Escano and Takahiro Abe (Saitama University, Japan)
  3. [Teaching-Learning Method] The value of drama and game modeling in science teaching: A new approach for learning chemical bond (ionic and covalent bond) concept with an atom model using dramatization by Mustafa Ozden (Adiyaman University, Turkey)
  4. [Laboratoty Teaching-Learning] Low Resolution Raman Spectroscopy in an Undergraduate Analytical Chemistry Laboratory by Alexander Y. Nazarenko (State University of New York, Buffalo, U. S. A.)

Japanese Article

  1. [Teaching-Learning Method] A study on description contents of a teacher's manual about electrolysis with iron chloride (II), which changed in quality by Kozo IKEDA a, Akira YOSHIDA b,* (a Oita Hita-Rinkou High School, b Department of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Education, University of the Ryukyus)


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