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The Chemical Education Journal (CEJ), Vol. 17, No. 2 (Serial No. 32). The date of issue: July 19, 2017


Asian Edition in English

Special Issue featuring the 6th NICE (Network of Inter-Asian Chemistry Educators) Conference 2015, 29-31 July, Tokyo)


  1. [Content Analyses for Understanding of High School Students] Effective Applications of Content Analyses for Students' Molecular Particulate Understanding--Thermal Decomposition of Calcium Carbonate by King-Dow Su (De Lin Institute of Technology, Taiwan) (pdf)
  2. [Experimental Program for High Schools] Development of Experimental Program for Acquisition of Mole Concept by Akira Ikuo, Yousuke Fujii, and Haruo Ogawa (Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan) (pdf)
  3. [Introductive Demonstration for College/University Electrochemistry] Coloring of a Titanium Plate as an Experimental Teaching Material for Demonstration during Introduction to Electrochemistry by Haruo Ogawa1, Naoki Koike1, Toshinori Nakajima2, and Yukako Ohashi2 (1Tokyo Gakugei University, 2Bunkyo University, Japan) (pdf)
  4. [Report on a Learning-through-doing Practice in High School] Explore the Possibility of Storm Glass to be a Weather-Thermometer by Jing-Ping Jong, Ming-Hua Hsieh, Yu-Hui Chen, and Pei-Wen Lin (New Taipei Municipal Jinhe High School, Taiwan) (pdf)
  5. [Strategy for Chemical Education in High School] A Strategy for High School Chemistry Teaching: The Basic and Fundamental Content by Toshio Hirai (Osaka Prefectural Nagao High School, Japan) (pdf)

Teaching-Learning Materials-Practices

  1. [Small-scale Experimental Kit for High School Students] Development and Use of a Small-scale Experimental Kit for Observation of Recrystallization of Ammonium Chloride in Science Lessons and Workshops by Yukio Terashima (Naruto University of Education, Japan) (pdf)


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