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The Chemical Education Journal (CEJ), Vol. 3, No. 1 (Serial No. 4). The date of issue: July 29, 1999.


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  1. [Foreword] An Educational Point of View in Physics Education by Takeo OHSAWA (President, Joetsu University of Education)

  2. [Graphic Page] Hemimorphite by Shin-ichi Kato

  3. [Chemical Education] Production of A HTML Reading " The Plastics" by Kazuhiro SAWADA (Osaka Kyoiku University)
  4. [Chemical Education] Recent Activities in Creating and Utilizing Computer Data Base for Chemical Education in Japan (English) by Masato M. Ito*,1 and Noboru Konno2 (1 Faculty of Engineering, Soka University. 2 Osaka Prefecture Education Center)
  5. [Teaching Materials for Chemical Experiment] Kinetic Study of Bromination of Malonic Acid, Methyl Malonic Acid, and Ethyl Malonic Acid: An Undergraduate Physical Chemistry Laboratory Experiment for Understanding the Influence of the Thermodynamic Parameter on Chemical Kinetics by Satoshi TAGUCHI* and Emiko NAKANO (Sapporo Campus, Hokkaido University of Education)
  6. [Teaching Materials for Chemical Experiment] Development of World Wide Web Pages for Learning the Precipitation Reaction and Systematic Separation of Metal Ions by Ryoichi OHMORI (Tochigi Prefectural Haga High School, Present Address: Graduate School of Education, Utsunomiya University)
  7. [Graphic Teaching Materials for Environmental Education] The Present problems of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals by Fujio KAYAMA (Jichi Medical School)
  8. [Teaching Materials for Chemical Experiment] Development of Database Filters for Extracting Toxic Substances from Chemical Reagents List by Yoichi YAMADA (Faculty of Education, Utsunomiya University)


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