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The Chemical Education Journal (CEJ), Vol. 7, No. 2 (Serial No. 13). The date of issue: March 5, 2004.


  1. [Foreword] Editor's Note by Winghong Chan (Hongkong Baptist University, Hongkong)
  2. [Graphic Page] Impacts of NOx to the environment by Winghong Chan (Hongkong Baptist University, Hongkong)

Special Issue feauring "Microscale Chemistry and Low-cost Instrumentation"

  1. [Practical Learning] Microscale multi-level experimentation by Jorge G. Ibanez (Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico)
  2. [Teaching Chemistry] Teaching the chemistry of gases with hands-on experiments by Viktor K. Obendrauf (Graz, Austria) and Angela M.C. Koehler-Kruetzfeldt (Berlin, Germany)
  3. [Practical Learning] Microscale experiments for understanding by Christer Gruvberg (Gothenburg University, Sweden)
  4. [Practical Learning] Microscaled green experiments for high school students : Separation methods ­ Distillation, chromatography, extraction and filtration by Zehava Livneh (High- School Yavne,Israel), Rachel Persky Mordechai Livneh (Bar-Ilan University, Lsrael) and Peter Schwarz (Kassel University, Germany)
  5. [Teaching Materials] Teaching practical organic chemistry the microscale way by Stephen W Breuer (Lancaster University, U.K.)
  6. [Teaching Materials] Application of a low-cost four-LED based photometer for environmental analysis by Wing Hong Chan,Yuen Kit Cheng, Martin M. F. Choi, Albert W. M. Lee, Man Shing Wong, and Wai Yeung Wong (Hong Kong Baptist University, China) and Dan Xiao (Sichuan University, China).


  1. [Teaching Materials] A novel way of visualization of the periodic table of the elements by Alaa E. Ali Mohamed (Alexandria University, Egypt)
  2. [Teaching Materials] The Number of Chlorine Atoms in a Molecular Formula from the Fraction of Non-Unique Molecules in a Unit Sample by Ray A. Gross, Jr. (Prince George's Community College, USA)


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