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The Chemical Education Journal (CEJ), Vol. 2, No. 2 (Serial No. 3). The date of issue: December 21, 1998.


Notice: All articles are written in Japanese using Japanese character code.
Therefore, foreign readers can read graphic pages only.


  1. [Foreword] Nature and Science by Shinsuke Yamashita (Division of Science, Hyogo University of Education)
  2. [Graphic Page] Gypsum by Shin-ichi Kato
  3. [Chemical Education] Weight and Mass, Chemistry and Physics by Mitsushi Ohmasa (Department of Mechanical Engineering, School of Biology-oriented Science and Technology, Kinki University)
  4. [Chemical Education] Which is the molecular speed greater, in gases or in liquids? by Yosuke Yoshimura (Faculty of Science, Kyoto University)
  5. [Chemical Education Activity] Things of Chemistry Teaching in Malaysia by Yasuhide Takata (PPTKJ, UTM in Malaysia)
  6. [Report of Chemical Education] The Chemical Education in the United States - A Point of View by a Japanese Teaching Assistant by Asayuki Kamatani (Overman Research Laboratories, Department of Chemistry, Physical Sciences, University of California)
  7. [Chemical Education Materials] Lecture Note on High School Chemistry Ib by Hidetoshi Kashida (Senior High School Attached to the Faculty of Education, Kanazawa University)
  8. [Teaching Materials for Chemical Experiment] Burning Diamonds as a Classroom Project by Takeo Samaki (Senior High School Attached to the Faculty of Education of Tokyo University)
  9. [Chemical Education Activity] A Report on the Open Lecture [Science in Every Day Life] by Shigeichi Enomoto (Saitama-prefectural Kasukabe-higashi High School)
  10. [Graphic Teaching Materials for Chemical Education] The Flame Reaction and the Reaction of Alkaline Metals with Water by Toshiaki Chujo (Tokyo Metropolitan Kuramae Technical High School)
  11. [Teaching Materials for Chemical Education] Introduction of Electrophoresis for Drug Analysis by Kiyoshi Tagahara, Junko Koyama, Izumi ToyokuniI, Akari Kino and Katsuhiko Shimomura (Kobe Pharmaceutical University), Hiroyuki Nishi (Analytical Research Laboratory, Tanabe Seiyaku Co. Ltd.), Tsutomu Inoue (Department of Human Studies, Bunkyo Women's University), Masaaki Sakakibara,* Ryoko Masuhara, Mitsuho Sakamoto, and Kazukuni Takami (Faculty of Engineering, Tottori University)
  12. [Chemical Information] Group of TOCO by Yuzuru Hayashi,* Rieko Matsuda (National Institute of Health Sciences), and Masaaki Ishikawa (Fuji Health Center)
  13. [Chemical Information] Difference between Chinese and Japanese in Phraseology of Physical Chemistry by Ziye Li* (Division of Industrial Arts, Joetsu University of Education) and Tetsuo Morikawa (Division of Science, Joetsu University of Education)


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